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Please do not think that I want to scare you on New Year’s Eve and destroy a good mood, not at all. On the contrary, I want you to have time to prepare and enter the New Year in a relaxed mood.

Have you ever felt like a puppet, a pawn or even a slave in the helpless and incompetent hands of a bankrupt or ineffective government? If not, then, most likely, you are already prepared and you have a second passport, an account in a foreign bank, real estate abroad and you use a protected computer and Cryptohippie or analogs. Your business has already been developed into an effective and successful country with territorial taxation, and the legacy you want to pass on to your descendants is already protected through a trust or foundation.

If you have already taken at least some of the measures listed above, you only understand that, in principle, any government in any country in the world is ready to confiscate the contents of your retirement accounts, increase taxes to the level of the slave trade, and even take your gold and diamonds.

The only question is, are you ready to act to prevent the possibility of your government’s actions personally regarding you and your family members … or the authorities will succeed simply because you didn’t imagine that this could happen “Here and with you”. Back in early 2013, people believed that such a thing as Cyprus cutting of deposits in the EU is absolutely not possible.

The saddest thing is that the “moment X” does not even particularly depend on you, nor on the government of your country. The troubles that can force, in general, even the not so bad government of your country to go to extreme measures today come from the United States.

The bankrupt US government with its actions and acts of law-making like FATCA only bring its collapse closer. Currently in the USA:

  1. Agencies that regulate law enforcement and whose leaders are appointed rather than elected have the power to freeze an account or even steal money from your bank account without a warrant.
  2. The US Tax Service literally hires an entire army of Agents who are threatened with dismissal if they do not find tax crimes. You think they will want to return to work after studying your bookkeeping with empty hands
  3. The government and banks are making it increasingly difficult to carry out international transactions, the use of cash, the possession of gold.

I am an optimist and I want you to see the world in iridescent colors, and not in black light. To continue to look at the world in a mode of optimism, you just need to spread straws from the beginning in case of a worse scenario.

Your government does not work for you (unless you have already moved to Singapore or Scandinavia). International agencies and associations, such as the EU, the UN, the OECD, are in fact aimed at limiting your freedom and the amount of cash.

Remember what Merkel said during the Cyprus problems – “Let them eat their cake!” The European Union is trying to cover up other centers of offshore banking in Europe. They motivate their attempts to bring to the life of the residents of the EU countries financial stability, and in fact, they are AFRAID of offshore financial centers, since their existence does not allow them to control virtually every penny you own.

At the same time, bureaucrats in the United States are pushing an increasing number of bills that will allow monitoring the citizens of this country, and all other governments are looking to see if the United States will succeed and at what stage people will actually begin to object. Congress pushes bills to make GPS controlled by almost any technical device. That is, even your car will independently report on your movements to an uncountable number of bureaucrats.

As far back as the average American last year, it would have been unthinkable to imagine that a US intelligence officer would tell the US population a “secret” that the government was spying on them, and then he would run to seek asylum in China and Russia.

Historically, the governments of the world have always reacted to problems by taking away the savings of their citizens and severely restricting their freedom. The situation with the United States is dangerous because both the residents of this country and many foreigners believe that this is the best country on earth. That is the near future nothing will happen to her. What a foolish thing to consider the debts of the United States without first counting the assets and resources that the United States has. I will be very happy if everything is XA-RA-SHO. But from the fact that I will be prepared, I will not become worse anyway.

But when I see the US $ 17 trillion in debt to China, a country that participates in wars that it cannot win, I see a country that is now bankrupt its inhabitants, printing more and more US dollars. And this already threatens the reserve status of this currency and will necessarily affect all other unsupported “paper” currencies of the world.

Therefore, it is better to prepare than to complain later about your laziness and inertia.

If you have been reading our blog for a long time, then you know that the chief editor and author of this article is an eternal tourist, international entrepreneur and citizen of the world – Alexander Listerman. Once, I had a fairly successful IT business, but the more it developed, the more time was spent on reporting, taxes, and so on. By selling the business, I paid more taxes … and these were the last taxes I paid.

Since then, I have found many ways to live and work legally creatively, without paying taxes. It takes less than a minute to issue an invoice, the payment comes to the account of a classic offshore company, possessing not only EU citizenship, but also second Caribbean citizenship, I constantly travel for work, and in any case, I will never become a resident of the country without a close to zero personal income rate or without territorial taxation.

In order to have a good blog, I sometimes do the strangest things. For example, I take a plane at the last minute to meet the right people on the other side of the world. I subscribe to expensive editions and buy books and “reports”, which sometimes cost more than $ 1,000. Buy a book with delivery for 100 or more dollars, if only it is about offshore, trusts, immigration, opportunities to gain freedom in our controlled world for me the norm.

The company in which I currently work and which actually owns the portal of the Buendía family spends hundreds of thousands of US dollars on establishing real international relations, attending conferences for representative purposes and for the sake of training.

As a result, we not only know the “secrets” but also know where and how you can get the necessary services guaranteed. To perform the most necessary services we get direct licenses. These secrets and secrets are not accessible to the masses. Not only the government, but even your boss (if you still have one) will not be delighted with your knowledge of a free life in a tax-free mode and the possibilities to build a business offshore and from scratch with initial capital, well, for example, at $ 5,000.

However, we are completely free to tell you how to make money on your own terms, start a business anywhere in the world, save your money (and not give it to the Government so that they have more funds and opportunities to take more from you), declare their independence in life in work in the country of residence and stay.

Living in the rhythm of an eternal tourist (and with my family and a small child), I can share my practical experience with you. I assure you that with the development of freelancing and online business, an increasing number of people will live in the style of perpetual tourism. This, by the way, can be done even without leaving home.

For business, I constantly meet and communicate with experts and professionals who treat me with various “predictions”. It is frightening that the same predictions are repeated. Fortunately, they and the experts, together with the warning about the problem, tell about possible solutions.

Prediction and Threat 1: Uncontrolled inflation and massive losses in the stock and securities market

What we saw in 2008 – 2009 was not a disaster, just a slight push before a real earthquake. We hear it from a variety of sources, including one of the most successful TV commentators in the US (in the field of investment), and best-selling author, in which he has already predicted the greatest economic collapse of modernity, Peter Shift. The readers of the Portue family are better known as the owner of the bank, in which many of our clients have already opened accounts.

Prediction and Threat 2: Mass Confiscations of Private Capital and Private Assets

Most lawyers who specialize in international asset protection, especially those from Europe and the USA, believe that such a scenario cannot be avoided, as bankrupt governments are becoming more and more desperate. How to protect your retirement savings, investments and capital earned for a lifetime, no one except you can take care of.

And it does not matter that we need to protect $ 25,000 or $ 25,000,000 million, we will select a strategy and a solution. You just need to ask for advice.

Prediction and Threat 3: You will live to see the day when the US dollar ceases to matter in the global economy

There are professionals who have been calling for more than 20 years for NOT saving money in paper currency. Including, it is also experienced professionals who predicted the growth of the physical gold market long before its rise.

And of course, it will be possible to earn great money on this fall in the dollar.

Prediction number 4: Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin will play a huge role in the new economy. Those who begin to seriously use the cryptocurrency in the early stages will become rich.

The emergence of second-generation cryptocurrencies – electronic, anonymous, has already made early followers millionaires, and the attacks of world governments in the press served as the best advertisement. Only experts will tell you how to use Bitcoin to legally protect your transactions. By the way, in our company, we accept payment by bitcoins.

Awful prediction number 5: Your Western Passport Could Become a Noose on Your Neck

US citizens must already file reports in the US and pay income taxes in the US simply because they are US citizens. The US government is not at all interested in where they live and work. Together with US citizenship in the era of FATCA, these people received reduced access to financial wounds and inability to invest in foreign enterprises. Americans also receive massive refusals in a number of countries around the world to open a foreign bank account for them.

Before renewing the passport of a US citizen, the government decides every time whether to renew a passport or not. Does the potential recipient of the document have tax disputes? Are there any arrears in the payment of alimony? Did this person commit drug-related crimes? Do not pay child support for at least 1 month and you will not renew your passport and you cannot even leave the USA.

Experts believe that extending the US passport every year will become increasingly difficult, and the EU may follow the example of the United States and tax citizens on the principle of citizenship rather than residency. That is why it is so important to have a second passport in advance.

On the portal of the Buendía family, we constantly write about how to get insurance in the form of second citizenship and protect ourselves from too high taxes and confiscation of capital. Unfortunately, the Internet has a lot of outdated information and even more scammers who want to buy freedom cheaper. Only professionals will tell you how to get the maximum benefit from the second citizenship even without giving up the first one.

Prediction number 6: “Privacy” will sink into oblivion while spying on the population by governments will become the norm.

Snowden’s revelations that the government is spying on EVERY phone call and EVERY email, have shocked US citizens. But before that, at the most diverse sources, they were repeatedly warned for decades before Snowden. The US government will not stop and stop spying, and most likely will do everything to legalize it.

Unfortunately, in the field of data protection and online correspondence, there are many “fake” services. We regularly write only about proven services, in such articles as:

How to use webmail for the secure transmission of e-mail?

Are you ready to start controlling the privacy of your e-mail right now?

Which Offshore to choose for the deployment of your server?

Put an iron curtain on your Internet communication!

If you have ever used a computer for business purposes, then you must think about security!

How secure is our personal online information?

How to technically make your life and online business as private and confidential as possible?

In other words, only the constant monitoring of this issue will help you conduct global business in the online mode of invisibility, and on completely legal grounds.

Prediction number 7: In the “Post-Obama” economy, it will be increasingly difficult to find a regular job, while jobs that can be done regardless of your location will flourish.

I will say from my own experience, of course, in the modern world of online competition and without a large initial capital, the first two or three years will need to work hard and hard. But then, you will be able to arrive at 4 pm long working day. A greater number of layoffs, lower salaries, fewer posts – will become the norm in the corporate culture of Europe and the United States. There are experts who claim that you can grow to hundreds of thousands of income from almost zero within two years. I will say right away, among our clients, we see such examples regularly.